4evermissA – miss A’s belated 4th anniversary & JYP Nation concert support project

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miss A’s 4th anniversary is around the corner and we wanted to do something special.

Last year, through dreame & a collaboration we were able to deliver 50 kg rice to charity in miss A’s name. This year we will do the same, but differently. JYP Nation concert is starting their concert on August 9 – 10, and we want to show miss A our support. As in merging the concert and their anniversary project as one.

We’re (UA,

  • miss A Spain
  • miss A Bolivia
  • miss A Corboda
  • miss A Mexico
  • miss A Argentina Step up 
  • miss A Philippines

) planning to send rice wreathes again this year, on the banner we will have our forum’s name & 4evermissA greetings. (If we collab with any other fanbase, we will also add their name on the banner). Proof here.

To make this even more exciting, we’re going to open a raffle, the chance to win a miss A’s album.

For every $5 you donate to the project, you’ll be automatically gain 1 ticket to enter the raffle. The more tickets you get, the higher chance it is to picked!*

We hope to send them at least 100 kg of rice this year, so help us out :)

Please send your donation via paypal to manyhx3@gmail.com, with a message including your name/username and fanbase.

Thank you!

Goal: USD $500 
Deadline: August 5, 2014 12:00 AM GMT+1 (Paris)

A special thanks to Jnster for the header/font

* The lucky winner of the raffle will be announced shortly after August 10!

How to Support miss A


Vote miss A #HUSH on Show Champion with your MelOn account :  http://www.melon.com/cds/musicstory/ontv/web/ontv_listVote.htm?classKey=SCHM …

Voting period: 11/12 – 11/17 U can vote 3 times per ID

How to create Melon account?

Please refer here! http://worldthatilivein.tumblr.com/post/66839123249/tutorial-how-to-make-melon-account

(Credit: @missAworldwide & worldthatilivein.tumblr.com)

MNET M!Countdown

Voting period : 15 november – 18 november 9am KST

International Say A please vote here: http://mwave.interest.me/mcountdown/voteState.m?mcdMenuId=menu2_2

Japan Say A please vote here : http://jp.mnet.com/m_count/vote.m?lang=eng&mcdMenuId=menu2_1

Korean Say A please vote here : http://mnet.mnet.interest.me/NProgram/mcountdown2/MCountDownVote.asp

Buy Album 

Buy Miss A ‘HUSH’ Album here : http://www.yesasia.com/global/miss-a-vol-2-hush/1034470882-0-0-0-en/info.html or  http://shop.soompi.com/miss-a-hush-vol.-2.html or Kpop mart for $11.95 http://kpopmart.com/product.php?id_product=6000

Or any other sources that supports gaon or hanteo chart

Watch ‘HUSH’ MV

Show your support for miss A by watching ‘HUSH’ music video

on their official channel here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp0F18FFCTE

Make a playlist on your youtube, and add miss A’s MVs on, to put them on repeat.

Source: missAworldwide & missAnews& worldthatilivein.tumblr.com

Min “Twerks” for Fans

Following Min’s previously uploaded video “Harlem Shake Kpop Style” , Min followed a new trend by uploading a video to instagram with the caption “Somewhere in Korea, Min is still twerkin”. Twerking is defined as a dance move that involves a person shaking their upper hips and lower hips in an up and down bouncing motion, causing them to shake, wobble and jiggle. This dance move’s rising popularity can be seen over all social media websites undoubtedly allowing Min to see and appreciate its interesting features.

In the video, Min twerks at different angles, on the wall and beside one lucky chair as many would call it. Fans commented “Sexy baby min! !”, “#dope #girlgotswag”, and “Min went to werk with dat #twerking #TurntUp Go Girl <3”. Her short video has over 22 thousand likes within 23 hours of her uploading it onto instagram.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

Somewhere in Korea Min is still twerkin. #expressyourself


Source: Min’s Instagram, Wikipedia
Written by: FYMinyoung@Ultimate-Adora.com

Jia’s Trip to NYC

Earlier in the year, miss A’s Jia took a trip to New York’s Big Apple. She took this trip with friend and girl group member Dan Dan (Dancy) from SPY. Jia’s many pictures have been tracked and placed on a map so you can also take a virtual tour online courtesy of Ultimate Adora.

To use this virtual tour, click the link below, and follow these simple instructions:

1. Click a stop (E.g. 1st Stop)

2. Click more (On the bottom right)

3. Click Street View

Click Here for the Virtual Tour

Source: Ultimate-Adora
Written by: FYMinyoung@Ultimate-adora.com

Independent Ladies’ Contest

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credits to Geebom@ultimate-Adora.com for the banners!

Welcome to UA’s 3rd anniversary event !

As you may know our wonderful miss A are celebrating their 3rd anniversary,
same goes for our forum which is turning 3 years on July 15.

In celebration of this, we’ve organizes giveaways and contests for all our members and staff to participate!
The event will start from today, June 30 until July 31, 2013.
The contests will be introduced twice a week, through out this time period!

All contests will have a point system that will determine the winners in the end.

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  • 2x “Independent Pt. III” mini album (one sponsored by K-pop mart)
  • 1x Touch Poster

Every contest have their own rules, breaking them will result in disqualification from the whole event!

For more information, check out the forum here

Jia designing T-shirts for charity

Recently, Jia designed a couple of T-shirts for sale with Prototype.

On July 3, AQE posted on the facebook page of miss A announcing fans to buy T-shirts designed by Jia, where her profits will be donated to people in need. They also said,” Please show love and support for this project.”

In collaboration with prototype, Jia has designed two T-shirts. One with a side profile skull head on a card, while the other has scribble of diamonds, skulls, stars, heart rates and others items that showcase Jia’s personality.

To fans, Jia has showed off her art through instagram showing a talent in drawing. Sometimes she would post her scribbling, impressing fans with not only dancing and singing skills but also drawing skills.

This is considered, Jia’s first solo work without miss A.

The shirts can be purchased on www.project-prototype.com

Source: AQE_missA

Reported by: mya@ultimate-adora.com

Fei’s younger brother didn’t know about her being a celebrity

Fei recently revealed that her younger brother didn’t know about her celebrity status.

On an episode of KBS Happy Together, Fei was a guest on the show. She talked about her beloved family in China. And when asked if she had any siblings. She replied by saying that she has a younger brother in middle school. (junior high school).”

She went further to surprise everyone, that her brother didn’t know she was a miss A member. “He just recently found out.” She said, making everyone even more curious of why he did not found out earlier.

Fei has been a member of miss A since 2010, and won many awards and #1 wins for their hit songs such as “Bad Girl good girl”, “Goodbye baby”, “Touch” and so on. She has been travelling back and forth from Korea to overseas to perform.

On the same episode, Fei won the “Midnight snack” with her favorite dumpling dish.

Source: KBS & enews
Reported by: Mya@ultimate-adora.com


Min to Have LASIK Surgery

Source: Min’s Twitter

miss A’s Min tweeted “finally, tomorrow the awaited LASIK Surgery has arrived”. This was tweeted on the 22nd of April, thus the surgery was for the 23rd. Lasik Surgery is a surgery to improve the visual acuity (How well you can see) in the eyes. It reshapes the eyes so that the image focuses on the right part of the retina causing you to see better without glasses. It is a common surgery with little to no downsides.

2PM’s Junho took a playful jeer at Min and replied to her original tweet “You have to wear swimming goggles and sleep with that for 3 days…” To which Min replied “Ha Ha Ha !!”. Junho then loving tweeted back “Just take extremely good care of your eyes from now on..I’m serious, you have to wear those goggles ㅜㅜ” to Min’s dismay. She tweeted back “Man. I thought you were kidding, Oppa. They really gave me swimming goggles”. Junho’s knowledge of the surgery showed off when he replied “Kekeke those super-tight goggles make sure that moisture won’t come in contact with your eyes” to which Min replied “Yeah, it’s super uncomfortable though ):” However, he said “The world will be a brighter place in your eyes starting tomorrow Keke” showing the great relationship between the two.

Ultimate-Adora hopes that her surgery went well and we wish Min the best for her journey without glasses or contacts.

Source: Min and Junho’s Twitters
Translated by: w2dtranslations
Written by: FYMinyoung@Ultimate-adora.com

CF Queen Suzy sales hits an ‘all kill’

Recently it has been revealed that Suzy, the ‘Queen of CF’ sales products hits an ‘all kill’.

Suzy, who debuted with miss A in 2010, has started to film individual CF on February 21, 2012 – which marked her first step to reign the “Queen of CF”.

Suzy has been chosen as “no. 1 Queen of CF” after taking the crown from SNSD’s Yoona last year. Which makes it hard for her not to continue her modelling reign this year among girl groups and female celebrities.

After debut role to the main screen on “Introduction to Architecture”, where she won “Baek Sang arts awards for new comer actress and gained the nickname “National’s first love”. Different Endorsements from cosmetics to snacks has been standing in line for her “expertise” and the sweet innocent look she kept since debut.

It seemed that the endorsement companies haven’t stopped to choose Suzy as their represent model for their product. When it was recently reported that her sale products exceed 1 billion KRW (~900,000 $USD), counted since her first individual CF last year. Suzy is only 20 (korean age) this year, and has recorded over 21 CFs from her debut until now.

Her latest extra ordinary CF was with Xytose Sugar company has revealed the reason behind “Due to the fact that this is the first Sugar CF in the country, we wanted a model who fits the image of our products, and the sweet person is Suzy.”

Suzy, who is now the most demanding model for endorsement, has demanded a fee of 600, 000 KRW (~540,000 USD) per endorsement which equals the basis fee for top celebrities like SNSD’s Yoona, Song Jihyo and Jeon Jihyun. Although, there are other actresses who demands a higher fee, per endorsement, these actresses don’t get as many endorsements as her.

 Why has all the endorsements companies become “Suzy-Holic?

The reason is simple, that is her clean and scandal-free image that attracts endorsements companies towards her. A representative of a company revealed, “There are many rumors that surrounds many celebrities after debut, but Suzy is immune to those rumors, and the numbers of antis are small. But the most important, is that Suzy never created any big problem, for that reason she has received many good response and for maintaining her sweet and innocent image.”

 Source: http://etv.sbs.co.kr
Translated by: missafacts.com
Written by: Mya@Ultimate-adora.com